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A2Z TAX offers integrated solutions for startups and small businesses and contributes to their sustainability and growth through its dedicated executives and partners.


  • Business Consultancy
  • Legal services
  • Digital services (Website creation, digital marketing)
  • Graphic Design Services (corporate identity, logo design)
  • Architectural services
  • Real estate services
  • Recruitment Services


  • Establish the right type of company
  • Business plan creation
  • Short and long-term business needs
  • Business size determination
  • Identify appropriate strategy for project funding
  • Implementation of investment pre-rating plan
  • Preparation of investment study and file submitting
  • Monitoring the evaluation process
  • Monitoring the progress of the project, preparing controls and disbursements

Startups - 4 Main reasons that 9 out of 10 fail

Innovative business ideas flood the market every day. But only 10% thrive.


The main reasons:

    • Lack of liquidity. The majority of startups invest personal funds in developing their idea until the new product or service is perfected. Once it’s launched, there is no longer capital left for further business ventures nor the appropriate opportunities for further financing.
    • Lack of a realistic Business Plan. Whether due to lack of time from product development or lack of knowledge in designing a sound, clear and convincing business plan for potential investors, the most important step in finding funding resources is shifting towards the end when the product is ready to launch and time and financial obligations are overwhelming.
    • Brand Identity. The creation of the brand and all marketing actions for its placement in the market are often neglected and postponed after the product is completed. All actions that can generate revenue and improve the new product or service must be launched alongside the project when there’s still time to find the relevant audience and market, the opportunity to evaluate market feedback and create the necessary customer base that we can take advantage at the various phases (prelaunch, soft launch, referral). This way, sales can start even if the product is not 100% complete and take off when it’s finally fully functional.
    • Product/market fit. “Being in a good market by offering a product that can meet the needs of that market ” (Marc Andreessen, co-founder Andreessen Horowitz). Before even starting to develop an innovative idea, one needs to consider the market need for that idea, what problems can it solve, if it is truly unique, existing competition, etc. Too often, the difficulties involved in implementing the idea outweigh the future benefits and in this case a different market (place, product, audience) or partial / total differentiation of the product / service should be considered. In any case, in-depth research must precede implementation.


At A2Z TAX we are approaching a new business concept by outlining clear steps and processes, from designing the idea on a sheet of paper to its full operation and profitability in a potential market. With our organized network of affiliates, you can enjoy a complete service for the proper organization of your future business and build solid foundations for success.

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